In a Nutshell...

Hi, I am Brian, the site owner for BrianKoh.com. I have a passion for healthy, fitness and lifestyle living. I have setup this site to share and teach online about what I learned and experienced through these years about healthy living and building the best possible fit physique after 40.

How I Started Weight-Training

Well, I used to growing up very sick and skinny. I would fall sick very easily. I have a sensitive nose and weak immune system. At the slight dust or coldness in the environment, I would be sneezing for days. Worse, I never like to exercise and join any school activities. Naturally, my health was never good.

There was a point it came when my primary school forced me to be active in at least one activity. That got me stressed as I don't know what I can join. However, I like swimming since my father used to bring us out as a family for swimming during the weekends. So, with that, I was able to get some swimming exercises. But that was about it.

In my country when I lived in (Singapore), boys who reached 18 years old, have to serve compulsory National Service (NS). Boy, I was pressured to be fit and strong, ready to embark on this new journey. And so I started to prepare myself for all the demands of serving NS by starting to start weight training. At that time, there was a mini gym with basic amenities in my local junior college. Hence, I took this great opportunity to build up my physique.

How I Discovered the Joy of Exercising in the Gym!

Once I started weight-training, boy I was hooked. My health and fitness started to turn for the better. I am more alert and I have better stamina and endurance. I always envied guys and peers who are in better shape in school. I admired those guys with big "guns" and wide shoulders as they strutted around with tight fitting shorts and ultra-thin tank tops. So now, I was beginning to see a transformation in my physique. I was feeling a great sense of joy and satisfaction. There came a point where I could see some little muscles build-up and better toning on my body. I was fascinated and thrilled. I continued to put in more time and effort to keep maintaining my fitness level and improving my cardiovascular endurance. I wanted to achieve an above average level of fitness when I joined the army.

Previously, I was struggling to do at least 4 pull-ups during secondary school's individual physical proficiency test. Now, through working with weights in the gym, I was able to do at least 6 pull-ups. To me, that was a great milestone in my life! I started to incorporate running and swimming into my training routine.

My Transformation for the past 26 years

After I completed National Service (NS), I regained my normal routine of weight-training, swimming and running. I was working out in the gym consistently and frequently. Although I was able to gain mass to a degree, I was not able to achieve my ideal goals. Thus, I began to read up a lot on Muscle and Fitness, Physical, Muscular Development magazines. I found that the most crucial component of muscle-building and getting ripped was the dieting - the healthy meals that fueled the body with important nutrients that sparked the muscle growth and fat-burning process. Onwards, I tried preparing my own meals or eating home cooked food most of the time at home. Back then, my mum was still cooking meals for the whole family, hence I was able to enjoy healthy food at home. I also tried to consume up to 7 small healthy meals a day to facilitate better digestion and fat burning.

And Now…

Fast forward today, I am still an avid fitness lover at 50. I loved to work out in the gym and exercise outdoors. Although, through the years, I had sustained an L4-L5 lower back injury, left rotator-cuff injury and having knee caps pains, I still continue to exercise and workout. For me, this is my biggest passion and love. I love to work out with free weights, the smell of fresh air, aloha blue skies, sunny days, and being close to nature!

I keep my workout fresh and interesting by constantly changing sets, reps, training frequencies and methods of training. Sometimes, I will either change workout locations and venues, or experimenting with different exercises in the gym. As I am no longer that young and that I have to take into consideration my past injuries, I am careful with the type of training methods I am adopting. For sure, I would not trade my health and fitness for anything else in the world. For one thing, I would want to weight-lift and exercise till I can't move my body anymore.

Building muscle after 40 and beyond has given me a lot more benefits, namely more self-esteem and self-confidence, more positivity and joys knowing that I am truly alive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our bodies are made to move; not to sit or stand still all the time. That explained why a lot of people who are holding white-collar jobs are having lots of health problems when comes to old age. Not forgetting the kind of unnecessary negative stress that they constantly get from their jobs. For me, I am done with that idiotic working 9-to-5 environment!

I welcome you to share your muscle building workouts or fitness journeys with me. If you are interested to know about how to build muscle mass or muscle building workout plans after 40, you can check out my blog page and/or reference my workout journals listed on the menu above.

Brian Koh